Web Development Tools for 2015

It’s quite known that each of developer has a kit of tools those are indispensable to make the job done. I’d like to underline main choices of web development frameworks and trends in passing away 2015.


React keeps winning the hearts and minds of developers nowadays. Seeing frameworks like Angular, Ember and Meteor all embrace React means virtual DOM-diffing and unidirectional data flows are a proven pattern.



Microservices play a big part in splitting off parts of a large project into more focused, smaller and independent applications. Break up your monolithic software with API-driven, modular components.


Not jQuery

jQuery used to be one of the most important, impactful library in web development at the beginning of 2015, but manual DOM manipulation is on the way out. Instead, think about user interactions, data state, and components — then have something like React manage the rest for you.



PHP still gets things right when it comes to the fast feedback loop necessary for the web development and each update just makes it better.


And yet there are significantly more of other tools that are being used today or about to come and take place in our everyday tasks.