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Grandiz! has been providing Quality Assurance (QA) services
for 10 years making sure each and every feature runs smoothly.

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Manual Testing

We can help you execute your tests plan, or we can suggest our own, to verify that your software runs properly on each required platform.

We will

  • Test your user interface
  • Do User Acceptance Testing
  • Do Usability Testing
  • Handle Installation Testing

Mobile QA

Your goal is to be successful with mobile platforms. That means you need to be versatile with your mobile QA. We can accommodate your testing requirements and help you overcome the challenge of testing across different handsets, operating systems, and Carriers.

We will test your app's

  • User Interface
  • Functionality
  • Sound / Vibration
  • Requirements
  • Over-the-air (OTA)
  • Interruption
  • Performance
  • Carrier Specifics

Performance testing

We know you're focused on delivering a user-friendly product with 100% availability, and how important it is to ensure its flawless performance.
Grandiz! engineers will do everything in their power to make sure your website can handle the visitor load.

They will

  • Analyze your performance testing needs
  • Create customized solutions to test applications and servers
  • Stimulate an increase in traffic to your site and measure the performance, stability, and responsiveness of your servers
  • Analyze and create reports detailing the health and capacity of your servers

Types of Performance
testing we offer:

  • Load tests
  • Stress tests
  • Capacity tests
  • Endurance tests

QA Analysis


  • Analyze the testing process, methodology and technologies currently being used
  • Identify any inefficiencies, roadblocks, and gaps
  • Evaluate options
  • Prioritize future milestones


  • Extend beyond any single product or process
  • Consistently faster time-to-market
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Ability to deliver on future requirements
  • Increased team morale
  • Efficient training and knowledge transfer

Software test planning & Strategy

A good and logical test plan as well as strategy are the perfect means of communication if you are focused on getting the software testing done. This is what helps us

  • Handle change
  • Manage your testing projects to a successful conclusion
  • Exercise control
  • Orchestrate your progress, quality and checkpoints to build success along the way


A working app or website with 100% availability your users will be happy about.

Why doing QA?

The website of your dreams is ready, great! Are your sure each of its features works the way it's supposed to? We can run all sorts of tests to ensure quality.

Automated testing

Some things can be done automatically saving both you and us the time we need to get everything in place.

Get Quality Assurance Services