Personal Branding and Web Site Design
Gail Warrior,
Objective: create content-rich website within
short time frames
— June 2016

a story behind

“Thank you Grandiz. Love working with your amazing team!
Very responsive to all of our questions and ideas.”
— Gail Warrior.
Gail Warrior is an entrepreneur, certified health and life coach, nationally-recognized speaker and mother. Her successful professional career has allowed her to focus on her other passions and motivating others to achieve their own personal greatness.

“A name like Gail Warrior is bound to inspire. And that’s exactly what the Dallas mother, entrepreneur and philanthropist has set out to do with her latest venture, which combines her enthusiasm for fitness and her goal of encouraging women to cultivate the warrior within them.”

Dallas Culturemap Magazine


Everything starts from a name. The name comes with an image. And here is the point when imagination pushes towards the creation of the brand. Creating brand appearance we took into account that many-sidedness is remarkable.

Our goal was to communicate exactly who Gail Warrior was, even if a person came to the website and never scrolled down the page.


To cultivate healthy and holistic lifestyle Gail has her own blog with recipes that has become followable as we integrated it.
The site works
for all resolutions
Gail Warrior is a Public Person and her mission is to help people in various aspects of their life. So, one of the main purpose of our work was to make her reachable. From now on anyone who wants to change one’s life can just drop a line in contact form to get in touch with her.

Being a nationally-recognized speaker, Gail has been published in a great number of mass media. So we had to make it easier to watch performances and read articles of hers at once.


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Love What You Do

Website was created within reasonable costs and resource location. We Love What We Did;)