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Project Story


The founder of is a construction veteran with approximately 30 years of Construction Development & Architectural Design experience. His mission while developing was to create a simple yet powerful web based application to assist the building community with the vertical construction process. Realizing that not all companies work alike, he has developed this site with the components of a true application that can be customized to match your office standards. represents a breakthrough for General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, Service Providers and Homeowners; giving them a powerful set of tools to facilitate the bid-management process, find new work, acquire material quotes and ensure the best possible service for the best possible price.

helmet works as a streamlined system with four major steps:

  1. General Contractors or Building Owners post their project and/or material quote requests.

  2. Subcontractors, Suppliers and Service Providers are notified of a project and/or material quote request when it falls within their trade preferences.

  3. Subcontractors, Suppliers and Service Providers view project information, plans, specs, etc. online and submit a bid or estimate.

  4. General Contractors or Building Owners are notified of a new bid/estimate and select the winning bid or network with providers to discuss project details.


Project Technology

  • The technology is based on CodeIgniter php framework and MySQL database engine. Jquery is used for JS effects and Ajax.

  • Construction projects submission, searching, viewing, bookmarking;

  • Zip-code distance calculation technology allows subscribing to projects within N miles radius from user’s zip code;

  • Complex projects bidding/auction system implemented;

  • Member and company profiles with social media integration, portfolio and testimonials;

  • Social features: networking, activity tracking within network;

  • Live Chat system (a-la Facebook chat);

  • Calendar system build-in, to allow managing / keeping track of construction projects workflow, arranging meetings and assigning tasks (a-la Google Calendar), iCal and Excel export features;

  • Versatile classifieds system with different sets of fields for different classifieds categories;

  • Photo blogging and Q&A systems;

  • Customized RSS feeds and e-mail subscriptions to anything you can imagine;

  • Private Messaging with attachments feature;

  • Paid memberships and features;

  • Advertising management technology with user balance system built-in to allow automatic management and launch of contextual and highly targeted advertising campaigns;

  • Integrated with Paypal for payment processing;

  • Admin backend allows to do all the needed things;

  • Inappropriate content flagging and moderation;

  • WordPress is used to power Bidjobber promo website.


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