The Brief

Grandiz is a software outsourcing company with special focus on cost effectiveness and quality talent. Founded in 2007, Grandiz has become the IT talent and solutions provider in a range of sectors from financial services, industry and real estate to retail, advertising and Internet startups.


The Values

Grandiz stand for honor, support, justice, learning and hard work. We establish honest and trustworthy relationships with every partner, client and employee.

We believe that discipline, talent and expertise are the keys to creating higher-quality products in shorter time.


We only presume productive work. By establishing highest standards of discipline, responsibility and attention to details, we are able to create quality products in shortest time periods.

We Believe in Learning

In the rapidly-changing game of technology, staying on top of modern design and technology trends is the key to have that extra edge in every product created.


HR Policy

Only quality staff. No exclusions. Ability to learn, flexible thinking and understanding of modern business needs are the most important factors of evaluation during HR process. Results are the only measure of effectiveness.

The Challenge

We believe global business is the fundamental catalyst of influence and resources to force solving the largest issues the World is facing, and we are able to do what's within our options in this challenge.